Ready to Roll: 13 Cool Tiny Houses on Wheels

If you’ve ever been sitting at home wishing that you could get away from it all, we found several unique tiny houses that let you do exactly that. Take your show on the road in one of these homes on wheels where space may be compromised, but style and substance are not.

Ultra-Posh Tiny Homes: The Small House Movement Goes Luxe

Luxury homes tend to have a few defining characteristics, but one of the most important aspects is doubtless an abundance of space. The most expensive homes currently on the market–$195 million Palazzo di Amore in Los Angeles, $139 million Le Palais Royal in Florida—weigh in at a massive 53,000 and 60,000 square feet, respectively.

A Luxury Tiny House Community

By now you’ve probably noticed the tiny house movement—the trend of homes less than 1,000 square feet where people can live simply amidst beautiful surroundings. This notion is now being taken a step further, with tiny house communities.

Best Properties on the Market

This 400-square-foot, rustic-modern, mobile kit house is designed by Wyoming-based Wheelhaus. The one-bedroom eco home has an angled roof and features an open-concept kitchen and living room, plus a 100-square-foot deck.

Moving into a Shipping Container, but Staying Put

Living in a shipping container? It’s not something Scott Crosby had imagined for his family of five. But they’re about to have the experience this month when Mr. Crosby’s family moves from San Francisco to their former hometown, San Diego. They will be living in a small beach bungalow they own — three bedrooms and […]


No one would ever mistake Jamie Mackay for a hobbit. Hale and broad-shouldered, the Wilson builder inherited his sturdy physique from his Glasgow-born father, Callum Mackay, who gave Jamie more than his Scottish genes: the log-home builder also imparted his love of woodworking. So it’s fitting that Jamie’s own home designs feature gorgeous Douglas fir […]

7 Cozy Prefabs That Make Perfect Vacation Homes

Wheelhaus is the original luxury prefab designer, but all of their designs feel cool, never pretentious. The Railcar comes with a built-in deck, which is a perfect space for a barbecue or a hot tub to enjoy the view wherever you park it — whether it’s a mountain range to the beach. The luxury price […]

Tiny House Test Drive: Jackson Hole Resort Lets You Take Vacation Homes For A Spin

There’s been a lot of talk about simplifying lifestyles and downsizing in recent years. At the same time, Americans value “design” more than ever, from hotels to kitchen appliances to electronics. In some cases these two trends have converged, and the result has been a notable increase in options for high concept, efficient but stylish […]

Tiny Timber Living

Tiny Timber Living: Interested in living in a modern timber home? Or maybe you like the idea of living (really) small. Why not test drive both at Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

Buying a Home? Try It Out

If you can test drive a car, why not a house? That is the theory behind several programs that let buyers try out a condominium or resort home before they commit to buying. A handful of developers, listing agents and homeowners say they are