Wheelhaus Models

Our Models

Wheelhaus creates an amazing sense of size and space with well-designed floorplans on a smaller footprint.  The high ceilings, oversized windows and eight foot doors featured throughout all models make the homes feel larger.  Less is more: Less building materials, less square footage, less waste.  High quality craftsmanship, materials, and design go into every Wheelhaus home.  By utilizing more windows, our homes bring the outdoors in providing lots of natural light.  With multiple entry points, Wheelhaus homes can be installed on almost any site configuration.  Adding an outdoor deck can double your indoor/outdoor living space providing a large entertainment and barbeque area.

Other benefits of a Tiny House

  • Tiny homes are more affordable than traditional homes because they require fewer building materials and less space to build, resulting in lower construction costs.
  • The smaller size of tiny homes also means lower utility bills and maintenance costs, as they require less energy to heat and cool, and fewer repairs.
  • Living in a tiny home can also lead to a simpler, more minimalist lifestyle, which can help reduce expenses on unnecessary purchases and focus on essential needs.

Wheelhaus’ ability to build in a climate controlled environment, order materials in large quantities, minimize waste, and work 12 months a year without interruptions allows us to provide a superior cost per square foot comparably to on site construction.  With our 50-acre site, we can store units if needed and plan accordingly to deliver and set units efficiently to larger developments.