Solar Package

Looking to go off the grid with your WheelHaus? Do you have a dream location but no power? The WheelHaus off-grid package will provide you with enough solar power to run a small AC unit, in-fared heater, lights or a refrigerator. This complete packages comes with everything you need to power your WheelHaus off solar power.*


  • 6000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • (6) 100amp hr Absorbed Glass Matt Batteries
  • (4) 230 Watt full power size solar panels
  • 80aml multi stage charge controller
  • 24 volt computerize grid charging system
  • Includes combiner box/breaker shut off system, battery cables, 50ft of solar panel cables, charge controller cabels and inverter cables

* Depending on your location and climate you may need a backup generator or aux power.

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