Tiny Home Vacation Rentals

Glamping, we’ve all heard the term and to some this means a huge camper with a hot shower, bathroom, living room, you name it, being towed by a truck of some sort but that my friend does not have to be the reality. Even during these times travel is still a hot commodity and property […]

Tiny Homes as Guest Houses

Tiny homes are not only often used as main homes, but also as a guest house. When it comes time to make the decision to add a new addition, whether as an extension of the office or as a guest house, you can look forward to benefits like these. Privacy Probably the number one benefit […]

Tiny Homes Add Space!

Looking to add space to your home? A home office or workspace, or even a mother-in-law suite? Skies the limit with a tiny home from Wheelhaus. Added Working Space As things progress into the future, more and more people are working from home and looking for ways to expand their working environments. It’s no mystery […]

Why Live Tiny?

It truly depends on the needs of the homeowner but living tiny is fitting the bill these days for more and more folks across the nation. Living in what the industry describes as a, “tiny,” home is really no different than apartment living in the city only, you get something new and unique with Wheelhaus […]

Introducing Vurtical!

While Wheelhaus has been specializing in modular and “tiny homes” since 2006 we have decided to create a new company, Vurtical, to distinguish a separation of our modular/prefab builds from our individual “tiny home” cabins. Vurtical is focused solely on prefab construction for those looking for a not so tiny home, but using the same […]

Model Spotlight: The Wedge

As you look to purchase a tiny home, you want to know exactly what kind of options you can buy, and even what they look like. While Wheelhaus tiny homes have different possibilities, we will share what we uncovered in a specific Wedge model that is located at the Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole. This […]

8 Idyllic Mountain Escapes

There is a living room. Exposed-wood beams and plush couches covered with soft wool blankets. A fire in the hearth casting a warm glow. Outside, the sky is a sapphire blue. Snow-covered mountains loom in the distance. This is the setting we crave this time of year. When the cold air feels like peppermint in our […]