Energy Costs of Tiny Living

You’d think that if you are living the tiny life that your utility bills would also be tiny. If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re pretty much correct. It really depends on how you wish to fulfill your tiny home fantasy and how you wish to power it. Some folks go solar, some have a city hookup and some do a combination of the two. It’s truly up to you but however you spin it, you can, and most likely will, save a few dollars on utilities living the tiny life.

Lower Energy Costs Overall

It’s true, the less square footage you have to maintain, the less it will cost to maintain it. However, some folks really enjoy certain luxuries so depending on the person, and their tastes, your energy costs will vary but overall, should be less. When planning to move into a tiny home or take part in the tiny home movement, be sure to take into effect your overall budget. If there is a lot left over, you may have the ability to grab a few more luxury items or even keep the A/C at a lower temperature during the hot months and vice versa during the winter. It’s the little things right?

Renewable Energy Options Abound

One great advantage to living tiny are the options available to adapt to, or incorporate, renewable energies. Everything from Wind to Solar is available today and usually, when folks either build or buy a tiny home, they incorporate these types of energy sources in their plans. Wind energy is a viable source of electricity but not necessarily one that you would want to solely rely on. Wind is great but what happens when it’s not windy, or the wind is so faint, it barely moves the blades? That’s when solar panels come into play. By combining technologies, you can create an overlap that allows for the panels to work on days that are cloudy or sunny and the turbine to generate energy energy when it’s windy or even supplied with a faint breeze. Having all of these systems working together and in unison, makes for a very healthy and reliable renewable energy model.

Let’s Get Dirty!

Absolutely one of the top 10 reasons people downsize to the tiny home living lifestyle is to get back to Mother Nature. You see, you can live tiny and spend the rest of your budget on store bought foods or, you can go old school and create renewable food sources for you and your family. The obvious benefit to this is of course saving money but image how much healthier you’d be growing your own foods with your own hands, knowing that every beautiful bite was by you and you alone. We are what we eat so getting dirty with some good old fashioned gardening is top notch. You can take things a step further by building a second tiny home as a greenhouse. Healthy foods year round will improve your overall health and allow you to enjoy the tiny home life you’ve worked so hard to create.