Declutter and downsize, but how?

Considering to declutter and downsize into a smaller space? At Wheelhaus, we understand that it might be an adjustment and want to help you prepare as best as possible.

An interesting read comes to mind when deciding to declutter and downsize. The result is that you always end up with exactly what you need, and nothing more. For this reason, I suggest reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo and will tell you exactly why.

declutter and downsize

Marie Kondo outlines a strategy for decluttering your life that she has discovered over years of trying to keep herself organized. She has also worked with several clients successfully and has presented her findings in multiple venues. I can also tell you from personal experience that it works.

She starts by pointing out that most people have enough storage but have too much stuff. Often times, people will have trouble letting go of things because of the memories they evoke of events, people and places. Furthermore, having too much stuff can impact you psychologically and prevent you from moving forward, since you are constantly holding onto the memories of the past.

Marie suggests that you organize by object, as opposed to room. Doing so will allow you to see exactly what you have. Gather every piece of that object (start with clothes) from all over your house. Hold up each piece of clothing and ask if it brings you joy (often times we keep things because we feel we have to, or we have never worn it, etc.) If the item does not bring you joy, throw it out or recycle it. After clothes and shoes, comes books, pictures, and so on. She recommends a certain order of going through items to make it easier to declutter.

When I read through her book and followed her steps, I was able to get rid of about 50% of the stuff in my storage unit. I have more than enough storage and furthermore, know exactly what I have and where it is. There is a sense of relief. My experience is that her strategy works, although I’m sure it does not work for all.

In preparing to move into a tiny home, you will definitely have to declutter and downsize. While this may be stressful at first, in the long term it will provide a simpler, less cluttered life. You will be surrounded only by things that bring you joy and will have far less to manage. Consider reading the book, it might help with this process.