A Spotlight on The Caboose

Need a little more information on the Caboose before you make your decision to buy? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I recently took a few more specific photos of the Caboose to give you an idea of all the details entailed in this Wheelhaus Tiny Home. Call this a model spotlight and the […]

roadhaus wedge

Tiny home or RV…which one?

If you are considering whether to buy a tiny home or RV, look no further. We have compiled a few factors to consider in your purchase that may help with your decision. After all, we want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck and are happy with your decision. Ask yourself […]

simplified bathroom

Bare Essentials: A Simplified Bathroom

Since we already provided you with a cheat-sheet on how to simplify your kitchen, we felt it was important to help you accomplish a simplified bathroom as well. We will again base our list on our most popular model, the Wedge, and help you eliminate the clutter while having a fully functional bathroom. For starters, […]

declutter and downsize

Declutter and downsize, but how?

Considering to declutter and downsize into a smaller space? At Wheelhaus, we understand that it might be an adjustment and want to help you prepare as best as possible. An interesting read comes to mind when deciding to declutter and downsize. The result is that you always end up with exactly what you need, and […]

A Small Guide to Tiny Living

You’ve heard about the tiny-house movement, seen the Tiny House Nation series on TV and now you’re even considering living small yourself. But how do you really know if it’s right for you? There’s something about a small living space that is intrinsically attractive, but the truth is it’s not for everyone. The below steps […]

Try Before You Buy

Thinking about buying a Wheelhaus Rolling Cabin? Let us help make the decision easy. Come Try Before You Buy! You’ve checked out the Wheelhaus Rolling Cabins online. You’ve taken the video tour and really like what you see. You’re smitten with the innovative design, ease of transportation and quality craftsmanship. The focus on environmental sustainability […]

Solar Power Your Wheelhaus

Wheelhaus is now offering you the chance at an even better life. Wheelhaus’ Rolling Cabins have always made it easy for you to focus on the best things in life: freedom, adventure and putting your money toward your enjoyment instead of your responsibilities. Now, Wheelhaus is making it even easier for you to save money, […]