How to De-winterize Your Tiny Home

De-winterizing a tiny house involves reversing the steps taken to winterize it, which typically involve preparing the home for freezing temperatures and protecting the plumbing system from damage. Here are some steps to de-winterize a tiny house: By following these steps, you should be able to de-winterize your tiny house and get it ready for […]

Energy Costs of Tiny Living

You’d think that if you are living the tiny life that your utility bills would also be tiny. If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re pretty much correct. It really depends on how you wish to fulfill your tiny home fantasy and how you wish to power it. Some folks go solar, some have a city […]

Secrets to Living the Tiny Life

Some may say there is no secret to living the tiny life, you just downsize, sell or give away the things you no longer want for the move and voila, you’re good to go. But the truth is, depending on the amount of home you are downsizing from, this process can definitely take some time. […]

Wheelhaus Homes are Perfect for Your Property

Many land owners look for ways to increase their properties value. Many end up developing their property, some look to farm it but others look to expand and diversify by adding tiny homes like those from Wheelhaus. Our homes feature high ceilings, oversized windows and eight foot doors throughout all models. We bring the outdoors […]

Habits of Living Tiny

So you’ve lived in a standard sized home or maybe even a townhouse. We’re talking roughly 1300sqft or more and now it’s time to downsize your life and your living space. There’s no need to go without but there will be a need for some habitual change. Living tiny is not just a lifestyle but […]

Downsize Your Life | Tiny Home Living

Living large has its perks but even though you love that half acre lawn and 3 story home, recent times shows the maintenance and upkeep of such estates outweighs the benefits. If the thought of living in a tiny home has come across your desk, explore it. There are many advantages to living such a […]

Tiny Home Vacation Rentals

Glamping, we’ve all heard the term and to some this means a huge camper with a hot shower, bathroom, living room, you name it, being towed by a truck of some sort but that my friend does not have to be the reality. Even during these times travel is still a hot commodity and property […]

Tiny Homes as Guest Houses

Tiny homes are not only often used as main homes, but also as a guest house. When it comes time to make the decision to add a new addition, whether as an extension of the office or as a guest house, you can look forward to benefits like these. Privacy Probably the number one benefit […]

Tiny Homes Add Space!

Looking to add space to your home? A home office or workspace, or even a mother-in-law suite? Skies the limit with a tiny home from Wheelhaus. Added Working Space As things progress into the future, more and more people are working from home and looking for ways to expand their working environments. It’s no mystery […]