Green Picnics


Summer is here. Time to picnic! I love picnics because you can enjoy healthy eating, while playing outside and enjoying nature. Basically, picnics are my perfect summer activity, food and outdoor fun. Picnics can be quick and simple, packed in a backpack or a big group affair. Either way, a bonus is how easy they are on the environment. Wheelhaus as a company is focused on sustainable living. Our RPT’s and rolling cabins are designed to balance green living with luxury. Is there a better way to enjoy sustainable living and comfort during the summer months than a green picnic outside? And even better if it’s right outside of an eco-friendly rolling cabin.

Here are some tips to remember to keep your picnic green as you take your eating and adventures outdoors to enjoy the summer sun.

1) Stay Local: One of the best ways to ensure your having a green picnic is to either walk or bike to your location. This is easy with a Wheelhaus RPT or rolling cabin. You’ve already brought your home to nature, now you just have to step outside and enjoy the view. If you want to travel beyond walking or biking distance, consider carpooling or taking public transportation.

2) Eat Local: Summer brings sunshine, warmth and farmers markets! Eating local and organic foods are a great way to stay healthy and reduce your carbon footprint. Foods begin loosing nutrients when they are harvested, so the sooner the fruits and veggies hit the table, the higher they are in nutrients. Therefore, buying from your local farmers not only reduces the amount of emissions created by transportation, but also increases the nutrients in your food. Win, win.

3) Keep It Reusable: It can be tempting to stock-up on plastic plates and paper napkins for a picnic, but it’s not a good long-term choice for the environment. Upgrade your picnic and green factor by bringing cloth napkin and reusable plates, cups and utensils. Not only are you doing something good for the earth, you are making a much cuter picnic area.

4) Keep Decorations Green: Stay away from possible litter decorations such as streamers or balloons. Keep your picnic green with a reusable cloth tablecloth and flowers from your garden or local farmers market. For bonus points, you can reuse glass jars as the vases.

5) Keep It Clean: The final step to a green picnic is leaving the picnic area cleaner than you found it. Always remember to pack something to gather your trash in, since there may not be trash receptacles nearby. Also, limit your amount of waste by bringing food in reusable containers such as Tupperware or Pyrex.

The best part about keeping your picnic green is that you will actually end-up with a more beautiful and high-end experience. By avoiding plastic and paper waste, you guarantee a beautifully designed picnic with unique flair. A collection of cloth napkins can be bought second hand or passed down through generations. My own family has a picnic blanket that has been around since before I was born. Every family picnic, the blanket reminds us all of how many fun times we’ve shared. Make your green picnics and ensure that all the trappings of a family tradition that can be passed on.