Living in Your Wheelhouse

My fiancé and I have lived in a 550 square foot apartment for the past four years. I am not an extreme, granola-crunching hippy without possessions. I actually own about three square feet of hair and beauty products. We have a flat screen TV and two computers. There isn’t a mini-fridge stocked with beer in a desperate attempt to hold onto dorm life. We are normal modern adults who prefer to live small. People look at me in shock when I speak about my living measurements and frequently offer their pity. No need to feel badly for my small dwellings and here’s why: it allows me to live in my wheelhouse.

Urban dictionary defines Wheelhouse as a baseball term referring to an individual’s swinging range in which as a hitter they can make the best contact with the ball. If a pitch is right in your wheelhouse, it is right where you want it, in the spot where you have the best chance of hitting well. Living small enables me to live in my wheelhouse. I have the best chance of keeping my apartment clean and organized. I have the lowest rent that allows me to spend my money on other luxuries such as travel and hair products. I’m able to keep my bills low but my comfort level high. My relatively small home of 550-square-feet allows me freedom and time to do what I love instead of maintaining what I have.

People always look around in a kind of wonder at my home. “Huh, I guess this is really all you need,” they say as their eyes roam to every nearby corner. Yes. It is. Because this isn’t about having enough space but rather the perfect amount of space that enables me to live my ideal life. The balance between living area and freedom from maintenance is where my wheelhouse lies. 550-square-feet give me the ability to work, play, lounge, cook…live at my maximum capacity.


This is what I love about the Wheelhaus RPTs, they are large enough to feel luxurious for a Recreational Park Trailer at 400-square-feet but also small enough to enable your freedom. They set you up to recreate, not spend all day inside a big, vast, unchanging home. Plus, you aren’t sleeping in a questionable bed at a hotel. You are in 400 feet of luxury for the time you need it but aren’t dealing with the fussy commitment of a big second home. This is a second home on wheels that can be towed to a campground! This is a second home that can be taken to a third, fourth and fifth location.

When traveling, I want comfort and luxury but I also want my freedom. Travel is about exploring your surroundings. With a Wheelhaus RPT you get an easily maintainable 400-square-feet so you can fully concentrate on what you traveled to explore. You have the essential in a high-end form but you are forced to cut out the clutter. You are positioned in your Wheelhaus for maximum enjoyment.