Greener Living

One of the many reasons why you have bought a Wheelhaus tiny home is because of the environmentally-friendly building standards that it meets. Afterall, Wheelhaus tiny homes are Leed Certified by the US Green Building Council. But what if you want to do more for the planet?

Reducing your waste production is a great way to start but it’s not always easy to know exactly what can be recycled. Just the other day, we learned that you can recycle certain kinds of bubble wrap. Who knew? There are a handful of things you can do to start living a greener life, specifically around waste production.


Four Simple Tips:


#1 You will obviously want to research what your local recycling center allows you to recycle. We found this great resource that outlines the recycling practices in some major US cities including Chicago, LA, Flagstaff, Philadelphia and Austin, to name a few. In Jackson Hole, for example, our recycling center has this great online cheat sheet that outlines what we can recycle. Be sure to check other resources as well (we found out about the bubble wrap at our town dump!)

#2. Start at the source. Be cognizant of what you buy and when possible, buy in bulk. By eliminating the amount of trash you buy, you are eliminating the amount that you will have to recycle or throw away.

#3. Start composting. Composting is an excellent way to provide nutrient rich soil to your plants and it’s also a great way to reduce the amount of waste you produce. There is a plethora of composting containers on the internet that would fit perfectly on your Wheelhaus deck and are easy to mix. We found this cute one on Amazon with two separate containers.

#4. Teach your children young. When you teach your children young the value of having a healthy planet, they will grow up to care for it. The EPA has provided this great online interactive game to teach children how to recycle and several schools already have gardening programs that teach children about composting and recycling.

Living a greener life is great for everyone! You are already one step ahead of everyone else with your Wheelhaus tiny home purchase! Figuring out how to reduce your waste production is the next logical step! Good luck!