How to Make a Small Space Seem Large

roadhaus wedgeAre you interested in making your small space seem large? We have a few tricks to help you open up the space and make you feel like you have all the room in the world. Afterall, living in a Wheelhaus tiny home is about luxury, space, and comfort, all within the confines of a 400 SQ FT tiny home.

So where to start?

Think MIRRORS! Not only do mirrors reflect light, making the room seem brighter, but they also add “space.” A mirror will easily extend the room and give you the illusion of more space. As a decorative piece, they also can provide some additional color and shape to your space.

Think COLOR ACCENTS! Dark and deep colors take up additional space and may make the space seem smaller. Thus, you will want to use minimal amounts of these colors in the form of accents. Small pillows and throw blankets can add in the type of color that you want without taking up all of the space. Make sure your furniture is lighter colors and avoid using dark colors when you paint your walls. 

Think “SMALL” FURNITURE! There are larger furniture pieces and smaller ones. We are not necessarily referring to the actual size but rather the size of the legs, arm rests, and width of the bases. You do not have to sacrifice comfort to find a skinny, long-legged couch with narrower arm rests and a thinner base. Consider tables that are thinner in thickness and have long, narrow legs. More space is created when you take up less “air” space.

Think TALL! When picking out curtains, consider tall ones that extend above the door frame. This will create the illusion that have a tall space, which you already get with a handful of Wheelhaus tiny home models, including the Roadhaus, the Wedge and the Caboose.

Think LESS IS MORE! If you allow the clutter in your house to build up, your space will seem tight and constricting. Be sure to organize your space and to put away useless clutter. You can make your small space seem large when you keep it clutter free.

You do not have to live in a “small space”! Make your space seem large by choosing the right look, color scheme, and style! And don’t forget the mirrors!