Solar Power Your Wheelhaus

off the gridWheelhaus is now offering you the chance at an even better life. Wheelhaus’ Rolling Cabins have always made it easy for you to focus on the best things in life: freedom, adventure and putting your money toward your enjoyment instead of your responsibilities. Now, Wheelhaus is making it even easier for you to save money, live independently and help the environment.

We are excited to be offering an Off the Grid Package that provides enough solar power to run a small AC unit, In-fared heater, lights or a refrigerator. The complete package includes everything you need to power your Wheelhaus off of solar power.

Why go off the grid with SOLAR POWER?

Solar power will save you money. According to Zachary Shahan, chief editor of CleanTechnica, the average 20-year savings for a home running on solar power in the US in 2011 were estimated to be around $20,000. That’s thousands of dollars that can be spent on travel, ski vacations, great dinners out, or whatever, that would have previously gone to another boring bill.

Going off the grid helps stop global warming and pollution. Solar panels create clean energy. You can power your Wheelhaus guilt free, knowing you are doing your part to counteract global warming, all while saving yourself money!

Know real independence. You no longer have to worry about keeping your Wheelhaus near an electricity source or paying your bills on time. All you need is access to sunlight to keep your home running smoothly. It doesn’t matter if energy cost rise, because you are no longer tied to the burden of energy dependence. While your friends complain about rising costs and concerns about pollution, you’ll be saving money, secure in your energy resource, knowing you never have to worry about a power outage.

Ready to save money, save the environment and cut ties with big energy companies forever? Contact us today for an individualized quote.