Bike Storage Solutions For Tiny Homes

Your dream of owning a tiny home is soon becoming a reality! Congratulations! Do you have a few concerns about where you are going to put everything?

You need not worry! We have you covered!

We did a little research to get some ideas of great storage solutions for tiny homes, and today we are going to focus on bikes. After all, you are reducing your carbon footprint by moving into a tiny home, and you might as well make further decreases by getting out of your car, spinning those wheels, and looking extra lean in the process.

We found an interesting blog by that outlines some of the best bike storage solutions. We focused on the ones that we felt would work best in our tiny homes. bike storage solutions for tiny homes

The blog first mentions the Racor PBH-1R Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift. Depending on where in the world you put your new tiny home, you could easily consider installing a system like this under the roof of our Stackhaus Model. This would free up space in the garage while allowing the bikes to be protected from the elements. Furthermore, several of our models have A-frame designs, and you could easily install this system to keep your bike inside and out of the way.

If you have purchased one of our tiny homes with minimal extra roof coverage, you might want to try one of the storage solutions that stack bikes on top of each other flush against a wall. Both the Delta Cycle Michelangelo 2 Bike Wall Rack and the Monet Single Bike Rack mentioned in the blog store the bikes against the wall, allowing for potential protection under the eaves. This sort of hanging system might be ideal to place on the back of the Wedge, for example, where the eave overhangs in the back or on the side of the Caboose where the eave juts out a bit.


Additionally, there are racks that store vertically, such as the case with the Saris Trac Vertical Indoor Bike Storage Rack.  Due to its narrow design, this bike rack might be a good fit for a couple of locations on our Wedge model, where we have designed the house to jut out in the area near the bathroom.

One of the companies mentioned in the blog, Cycloc, actually has designed several bike racks that are both functional and artistic. Any one of these bikes racks, the Solo, the Endo, or the Hero, could be incorporated into the color scheme of the room. Several of our models have walls that would accommodate hanging a bike within the house, but out of the way, including the Wedge, the Caboose, the Flat-Roof Caboose, and the Flex-Haus.  

Since we also have the Flex-Haus, we also wanted to look at bike racks for RVs since our Flex-Haus is 100% road-worthy.  There seem to be several options for ways to transport bikes on RVS. For example, at Camping World, there is the Bed Rack that allows your bikes to stay fully assembled while allowing for full use of your receiver hitch. There is an informative blog at Bicycle and that might help you choose the best RV bike rack for you.

At Wheelhaus, we want you to effortlessly slide into that tiny home of your dreams. Finding bike storage solutions for tiny homes should not be a challenge. We will continue to research other storage solutions so that you have more time to enjoy your new pad!