Did You Know?


Did you know that  our Rolling Cabins have earned a Gold Rating through the National Green Building Standard? 

Certified Green labels on RVs ensure a healthier and more sustainable product, and WheelHaus has taken every detail of construction into account when working to achieve this.

  • Our park models have exterior siding, ceilings and skirting made from rustic cedar siding with a barnwood patina colored stain.
  • 90% of materials used come from local sources.
  • Instead of vinyl and carpet, which can contribute to poor indoor air quality, we chose low-VOC paints and wood flooring to ensure cleaner air for occupants.
  • A panelized wall system and high R-value windows provide extra insulation for the units.
  • All appliances are Energy Star and faucets are low flow.
  • All houseplants are native and low maintenance, saving huge amounts of water.
  • At our production facility, computerized router machines maximize wood cuts and minimize waste.
  • All waste produced is used in the plant’s biomass furnace that heats the facility.


To add to this, no luxury or convenience has been sacrificed to achieve the Green status.

  • The bedroom fits a king-sized bed,
  • The living room features a gas fireplace
  • Sliding glass doors open up to a private deck,
  • A floor plan of exactly 400 square feet qualifies these structures to be legally registered as RVs, which means that they can go into any park without special building permit approvals.

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