Small Living

Personally, I love small living. Since leaving my childhood home and starting my adult life, I’ve never lived in more than 600 square feet of space. Admittedly, in the beginning this was a forced situation based on being a poor college student trying to live in the cool neighborhood Los Feliz in Los Angeles. I wasn’t crazy about my living dimensions back then. I’d grown up in the south, in Georgia, and always had not only a large room but also a spacious closet and bathroom to go with it. Suddenly, I found myself able to afford only my half of about 400 square feet and my room didn’t even have a closet, let alone a spacious one. Over the years, though, I’ve come to love my small living and it’s now a choice I make, rather than one that is forced upon me. I like keeping things small and simple. My life is never filled with clutter because there isn’t space for it and I can spend money on travel and other luxuries instead of putting so much money into housing. Small living for me is good living.

All that being said, sometimes I look around my apartment and think, if there was just another room, right off the side there, that would be really nice. Well, lucky for the Wheelhaus customers that reality is easy to accomplish. Hello, Hitch-Haus! The Wheelhaus cabins can now easily be connected to form larger living options.

You still get all of the benefits of a Wheelhaus. Your Hitch-Haus is green and easy on the environment. The space management is still efficient and innovative. You can still easily roll your Hitch-Haus onto a lot and have it setup in a little over a week. They are still sturdy and beautiful. Now, there is just more of them to love.

Small Luxury Living

The Cabins are constructed together at the Wheelhaus facility to ensure quality construction. Then the Cabins are separated and conveniently transported to the setup site where they can be quickly reassembled, adding only three days to the process. You get to choose the combination of Cabins to comprise your own personalized dream Hitch-Haus. Do you want more light and a couple of lofts? Two Cabooses and a Lighthouse will probably make you very happy. Craving more outdoor living space and vaulted ceilings? Combine the Wedge and Railcar. You can combine as many Wheelhaus Cabins as suit your needs and it’s only $5,000 per Cabin.

I truly love small living but one of the main benefits is the ease of living. With a Hitch-Haus, you maintain the ease but also get the added benefits of space and the ability to piece together a design that suits your individual needs and wants. The Hitch-Haus has me reconsidering my commitment to small living. I could have a bedroom, two bathrooms, a loft, a living room, an office, a separate room for a closet and storage, a guest room… Heck, I could throw a formal dining room in there if I wanted too. It’d be quite a change for me but it would be so easy. Why not? Somebody else better break the news to my fiancée. We are about to get hitched and expand to a Hitch-Haus.