Tiny Homes for Seniors

It’s no mystery that as we get older, we inevitably have needs that we can’t do ourselves. When it comes time to help friends and/or relatives, a tiny home can be a saving grace. Often times, when a family is faced with the decision to house a relative or other family member at home, for whatever reason, there is a variable amount of stress that comes along with that. A tiny home can be the perfect solution to this particular situation versus having to renovate a home or build an addition. Both options being more expensive and less diverse as a tiny home.

Keeping Family Close

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Aging family members love to maintain their independence and their own living space. All the while still being near their kids and grandkids. Tiny homes give the ability to have family members close without undertaking large renovations to an existing home. A tiny home also still gives the family member their privacy, independence and self security. Keeping the family close without sacrificing individual needs is a big plus for seniors or family members in need.

Decrease Your Spending

From utility bills to the overall cost of living, a tiny home cuts the cost of having a loved one staying with family in their senior years or for seniors looking to live large in a small amount of square footage. Daily tasks that may normally take longer and be more strenuous can now be within in arms reach, and not in a cramped way. Many tiny homes have a lot of space to move around and store items.

Solar is a great option for your tiny home. Adding this feature gives you more room to move and groove in your budget for fun activities or trips with the family. Decreasing your cost of living and utility bills gives great advantage to seniors and families with seniors.

Let’s Go Solar

Solar power in 2022 has certainly met some traction across the nation. Solar is nothing new but what is new is the technology behind it. You can now outfit your tiny home with enough power cells to put back into the grid. Producing more power than you need and then passing the access along the line is a second income for some households. That’s right, in a lot of regions across America, the power companies will pay you for your extra power. So not only can having a tiny home as a senior be rewarding, installing and maintaining solar power is very easy and can bring in a passive income.

Free to Roam

Freedom has to be the number one reason for downsizing and moving into a tiny home. Honestly it doesn’t matter your age on this one. Folks that love the tiny home life, love the freedom that have to roam. And freedom doesn’t necessarily mean you’re moving your home behind a vehicle. This freedom could mean less mess, less cleaning time, giving you more time for fun with family and adventures with friends. The freedoms you can experience with a tiny home tend to be endless. Yes living in a smaller square footage comes with an adjustment period for those that have lived large or at least in a townhome. Living in a tiny is like living in home the size of your living room. Many move to this lifestyle not to stay at home but to get out and experience the world.