Wheelhaus Homes are Perfect for Your Property

Many land owners look for ways to increase their properties value. Many end up developing their property, some look to farm it but others look to expand and diversify by adding tiny homes like those from Wheelhaus. Our homes feature high ceilings, oversized windows and eight foot doors throughout all models. We bring the outdoors inside by utilizing natural lighting and more windows. With multiple entry points, Wheelhaus homes can be installed on almost any site configuration. Take a look at just a few of the many reasons a Wheelhaus home is perfect for your property.


Tiny homes are not only often used as main homes, but also as a guest house. When it comes time to make the decision to add a new addition, whether as an extension of the office or as a guest house, you can look forward to benefits like these.


Investments come in all shapes and sizes. The same goes for tiny homes and those that enjoy tiny home living. At Wheelhaus we completely understand this and that’s why our designs are made to fit just about any scenario.


It’s no mystery that as we get older, we inevitably have needs that we can’t do ourselves. When it comes time to help friends and/or relatives, a tiny home can be a saving grace.


Glamping, we’ve all heard the term and to some this means a huge camper with a hot shower, bathroom, living room, you name it, being towed by a truck of some sort but that my friend does not have to be the reality. Even during these times travel is still a hot commodity and property owners are taking advantage with tiny home vacation rentals.