Model Spotlight: The Wedge

Wheelhaus' most popular model

As you look to purchase a tiny home, you want to know exactly what kind of options you can buy, and even what they look like. While Wheelhaus tiny homes have different possibilities, we will share what we uncovered in a specific Wedge model that is located at the Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole.

This Wedge model was housed in the farm wood, by far the best option in regards to beauty and uniqueness. The farm wood provides so much character and class, making this tiny home outshine any tiny home in its class. Imagine a rustic feel with the newness and flawlessness of a Wheelhaus tiny home! Absolutely stunning!

Upon entering the building, it amazed me how spacious, light and warm the room felt. Could it be the large sliding door? Or the vaulted ceilings with beautiful wood beams laddering up? I wasn’t entirely sure but I had plenty of space to breathe. You might think that an angled, half A-frame like this one would be drafty. NOT IN THE LEAST! This was a cool morning, and the insulation was definitely top quality!

In the main room, this Wedge differed a bit from other models we visited. Unlike the Caboose model we visited, the kitchen countertop was a poured concrete that provided a unique and solid feel to the kitchen. It was going to withstand anything you brought upon it.  The mantle had a nice, almost cherry-like stain, and was supported by the same barn wood used to outline the outside. There was also an additional wooden cabinet/pantry to the right of the kitchen.

After passing a short hall, we entered the spacious bathroom to find the beautiful stone tiles in the shower, and the same poured concrete bathroom countertop. We found it to be well lit with plenty of storage under the sink. I will also mention that we uncovered a normal water heater but know that a flash water heater can easily be installed, allowing for even more storage in the bathroom. One could easily install a towel rack over the toilet or under the window as well.

We again found a solid wood door on a Wheelhaus unique sliding frame to close off the bathroom and a large room (for a tiny home) with a king sized bed, two nightstands, and a built-in wood desk specific to Fireside Resort Wedge models. Unlike the Caboose, the Wedge tapers towards the back of the tiny home, and this bedroom had two unique, triangle-shaped windows in the room. There was also a normal sized window in the back of the house, allowing in plenty of light.

Again, we see the metal siding on the outside that breaks up the farm wood and provides additional character. The metal railing on the outside deck was sturdy and provided ample support. I also believe it was about 3 steps up the large deck which easily housed a picnic bench and small grill.

It really is no wonder that the Wedge is Wheelhaus most popular model. It has a great look, nice length and everything you need to travel in style. Come see for yourself, reserve a night at Fireside Resort and stay in this luxurious tiny home! You will not be disappointed.