The Definition of Simple

sim·ple: adjective 1. easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty. Presenting no difficulty. Shouldn’t life include more things with this promise? Life isn’t simple. There are billions of options, billions of variables. I recently found myself with a group of women. We were all talking about what we want and our big goals. It was […]

Decorating Your Tiny House

The beauty of a small living space is that it doesn’t have to feel small. It can feel perfect, just right and convenient. You can enjoy the ease of a small home, the quick clean up, affordable price, cheap utilities and easy maintenance, without any sacrifice of comfort. Personally, I wouldn’t have thought that living […]


Personally, I love small living. Since leaving my childhood home and starting my adult life, I’ve never lived in more than 600 square feet of space. Admittedly, in the beginning this was a forced situation based on being a poor college student trying to live in the cool neighborhood Los Feliz in Los Angeles. I […]

Green Picnics

Summer is here. Time to picnic! I love picnics because you can enjoy healthy eating, while playing outside and enjoying nature. Basically, picnics are my perfect summer activity, food and outdoor fun. Picnics can be quick and simple, packed in a backpack or a big group affair. Either way, a bonus is how easy they […]