More Time Outside in Nature With Tiny Home Living

One could argue there are several reasons why the tiny home movement has become so popular in recent years. The high quality design of available products, the offering of a simplified lifestyle, the freedom to travel within the comfort of your own home, the financially stability from less house cost, and the decreased carbon footprint […]

What contributes to your carbon footprint?

We know that the polar icecaps are melting and that there is a large hole in the ozone layer. Forgoing our thoughts on probable causes, we personally decide that we want to be more environmentally friendly and reduce our own carbon footprint. But how? Wheelhaus prides ourselves on our small town roots in Jackson Hole, […]

Solar Power Your Wheelhaus

Wheelhaus is now offering you the chance at an even better life. Wheelhaus’ Rolling Cabins have always made it easy for you to focus on the best things in life: freedom, adventure and putting your money toward your enjoyment instead of your responsibilities. Now, Wheelhaus is making it even easier for you to save money, […]

Why Have One Home When You Can Have Three Cabins?

Outside Magazine online recently said, “Can’t decide on the one perfect spot? Wyoming-based Wheelhaus offers six customizable, 400-square-foot models, so you can roam at will. Winter in the Rockies, summer in the Cascades. From $76,000.” Wheelhaus cabins were included in the Perfect Things: 2014 Editor’s Choice Awards. Now, I already know that Wheelhaus is a […]

Wheelhaus featured on ABC News 8

ABC News 8 features Wheelhaus in a recent piece highlighting the growing “Tiny Home” movement… “People are retiring with less money, there’s a lot of empty nesters that don’t need a big house and there’s also young professionals that don’t want large debt or big mortgages,” said Mackay. “This is kind of fitting the bill […]

Beyond Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

That darn toothpaste never seemed to go away. Every time I visited my grandparent’s home as a child, there would be an unbelievably flattened tube of toothpaste, meticulously rolled up with a rubber band holding it in submission. Every little bit of toothpaste was going to be squeezed out. Every usable bit was going to […]

4 Easy Steps to Downsize Your Life

So, you’ve seen the tiny homes being shared on Pinterest and Facebook. These little homes that promise a life of simplicity and ease have caught your attention. You think, “Yes! I want to buck convention and focus on what’s really important! I don’t need a big home and big mortgage.” But then, you immediately think, […]

Create your own financial freedom now

Financial freedom is about having enough money to live the life you want to live. The question is how do you create your version of financial freedom? A few days ago I was on a walk around my neighborhood with my husband when we saw a big, chaotic family of six walking up the road […]

Want a Vacation Home?

Spring is right around the corner in most of the country. Warm weather is not so soon in our future here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, home of Wheelhaus. Don’t pity us. We are still getting lots of snow and having fun skiing powder. It’s a great life but that doesn’t mean I haven’t started indulging […]