Seven (7) Ways to Simplify Your Life; Don’t Forget the Tiny Home

You want to simplify your life, you say? Feel like the weight of the world is bringing you down? Do you find yourself leaving your house so distracted by everything on your mind, that you have to turn around to check to see if you closed the garage door?

If you are caught in a rat race and are struggling to keep up with the Jones’, you may be at risk for premature aging, stress-related diseases, and early death. Ask any doctor, I’m sure they would agree. So what can we do to simplify our lives? How about 7 simple ways?

#1 We have already discussed decluttering and downsizing. Unloading junk is liberating. Trust us, we know.

#2 Group or even drop unused utility services that are provided to you at your home. Do you really need cable services when you can stream most content over the internet these days? Is there a company that provides both gas and electric services in one? While it may be challenging to go completely “off the grid”, you are saving costs and condensing time spent paying bills when they are condensed.

#3 If you are a social media and news junkie, limit your intake. As with any unhealthy source of consumption, moderation is key. Check your social media outlets once, max twice a day. Balance watching the news with a stress-reducing activity such as a nice walk, yoga, or a meditation session. The clutter of both social media and news can weigh you down, especially if the content is particularly negative. Do not worry, you will not miss anything of importance. The world will still go on.

#4 Plan ahead and arrive early. When you pack the night before or plan your trip in advance, you are eliminating that surge of stress energy that comes when you are in a rush. When you arrive early, you have time to collect your thoughts.This is, in turn, makes the rest of your life a lot easier to manage.

#5 Consider practicing mindfulness. When you practice being in the moment on a daily basis, you will gain increased focus, attention, and concentration. This in turn with simplify your life and make you more productive. You will also be a lot happier. Feel free to “google” all the research on the benefits of mindfulness.

#6 Let IT go. If “IT” requires more energy than it is worth for you to maintain (an unhealthy relationship, a notion, an image), let it go. It’s just not worth the “cost” to keep up with the Jones’ and I’m sure the Jones’ would agree. Evidence of IT: excessive hair loss, sleepless nights, panic attacks, eye twitches, an empty bank account, to name a few.

simplify your life#7 The best for last!! Live in a tiny home. As developers of tiny homes, we can attest to the benefits of having less house around you. Less house, fewer bills, less stuff, less worry. Simple.

Take a deep breath. Ok, now exhale. Go simplify your life. A huge weight will lift off your shoulders and you will likely never forget to close that garage door again.