More Time Outside in Nature With Tiny Home Living

One could argue there are several reasons why the tiny home movement has become so popular in recent years. The high quality design of available products, the offering of a simplified lifestyle, the freedom to travel within the comfort of your own home, the financially stability from less house cost, and the decreased carbon footprint are among the top reasons that come to mind when people consider buying a tiny home.

There is, however, at least one reason to a buy a tiny home that points to the added health benefits of owning a tiny home…the ability to spend more time outside in nature with tiny home living. Less house means more time outside in nature. So how does more time outside in nature provide added health benefits?

More time in nature means more interaction with negative ions. According to Organic Lifestyle Magazine, negatively charged ions positively affect our body. They increase our serotonin levels which improves our moods, they help stabilize our blood pressure, they help strengthen our bones, they help heighten our immunity, and finally, they help accelerate our physical recovery. Additionally, negative ions purify the air, making it easier for us to absorb oxygen. Despite the word “positive” in the description, positive ions do not positively affect the body, are concentrated indoors, and in fact are associated with an increase in allergies, anxiety, infections, and depression, to name a few.

There are additional health benefits when you spend more time outside with less house. According to Business Insider, spending time in nature was correlated with improved short term memory, better vision, improved concentration, sharper thinking and creativity, and improved mental health. Wouldn’t it be great to be on top of your game at all times?

Business Insider also pointed out several research studies that indicated decreased cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in subjects who spent time in forests. Time in nature is great for stress relief and I’m sure we could all benefit from some of that! When you are out and about traveling with your tiny home to great mountain and forest destinations, there are plenty of opportunities to go for a walk in the woods and decrease your stress levels. Furthermore, we all know the health benefits of increased exercise and it’s effect on stress levels.

Outside in Nature With Tiny Home Living

It really is no wonder that the tiny home movement has become so popular. In addition to saving money while being portable and simplifying your life, tiny homes allow you to easily connect to nature. This sort of lifestyle easily improves the quality of your life and your overall health and well-being.