Why Have One Home When You Can Have Three Cabins?

Outside Magazine online recently said, “Can’t decide on the one perfect spot? Wyoming-based Wheelhaus offers six customizable, 400-square-foot models, so you can roam at will. Winter in the Rockies, summer in the Cascades. From $76,000.” Wheelhaus cabins were included in the Perfect Things: 2014 Editor’s Choice Awards. Now, I already know that Wheelhaus is a […]

4 Easy Steps to Downsize Your Life

So, you’ve seen the tiny homes being shared on Pinterest and Facebook. These little homes that promise a life of simplicity and ease have caught your attention. You think, “Yes! I want to buck convention and focus on what’s really important! I don’t need a big home and big mortgage.” But then, you immediately think, […]

Create your own financial freedom now

Financial freedom is about having enough money to live the life you want to live. The question is how do you create your version of financial freedom? A few days ago I was on a walk around my neighborhood with my husband when we saw a big, chaotic family of six walking up the road […]

Tiny: A Story About Living Small

How much house do you need to be happy? The new film, Tiny: A Story of Living Small, is out to prove that good things do indeed come in small packages. Tiny is a new trend in housing and vacationing that argues you can have everything you need in under 400-square feet. This is a […]

Did You Know?

Did you know that  our Rolling Cabins have earned a Gold Rating through the National Green Building Standard?  Certified Green labels on RVs ensure a healthier and more sustainable product, and WheelHaus has taken every detail of construction into account when working to achieve this. Our park models have exterior siding, ceilings and skirting made […]

WheelHaus in the News – 2012

2012 has been a big year for Wheelhaus, and in particular The Wedge Rolling Cabin, which has been creating a lot of buzz in the media. Read on for some of our press highlights from 2012. Tiny House Blog WheelHaus Wedge Cabin – February 29th, 2012 Tiny House Blog is run by Kent Griswold, who […]